About Us, The Fitness Craze, Water Fitness Classes and Tours in Ocean City


Kim and Mel Royster are the founders of The Fitness Craze. We have been in the fitness industry for over 26 years. We have dedicated our lives to help others achieve health, happiness and accomplish goals that they felt unreachable. Our system is like no other found in the fitness industry today. We have the secrets for success and want to share those secrets with you.

We don't believe in fad diets or any of the quick exercise gimmicks you see on TV. It takes hard work and dedication. If you have tried everything in the book and are still on the roller coaster ride, let us help you make that lifestyle change you are looking for. Let us motivate and develop a personal plan that can change your life. We have helped clients lose thousands of pounds and counting. We guarantee you will get the results you deserve in the quickest time possible. Life is short and "There Are No Boundaries" when it comes to your health and fitness!!

Our Mission: The Fitness Craze's mission is to provide the required connection between mind, body and soul needed to achieve success that leads to living a healthier, fuller lifestyle. In addition, our goal is to help make our community a healthier place for adults and children of all ages.

Our Vision: The Fitness Craze is committed to offering safe, fun, effective, energetic, goal oriented exercise programs for small groups, businesses, kids and individuals that caters to all ages, fitness level, physical limitations, time constraints as well as personal objectives.

Our Fitness Craze Motto: "Freedom, Commit, Desire"

Now that you know who we are, join us so we can help you achieve your goals. We have the secrets for your success.


The Fitness Craze is now offering summer classes and tours in Ocean City, Maryland.