Fitness Boot Camps Bethany Beach DE

Boot Camp Fitness Classes
in South Bethany Beach Boot Camp

Boot Camps meet at N 6th Street, South Bethany Beach in Delaware

Beach Boot Camp starting  ~ June 10th to Sept. 2nd ~ Every Tuesday and Saturday at 7:30am
Master Class ~ Memorial Day Weekend ~ Saturday May 27th ~ 7:30am

When : Every Tuesday and Saturday, June 10th - September 2nd
Time : 7:30am - 8:30am
Place : N 6th St South Bethany Beach
What to bring : water and towel
Check our FB page and website.
For weather cancellation.

PAY ONLINE (Donation for fee)

(Click here for Google Directions)

For More Information Contact :

Kim: 410-533-0068 or email at 

Mel: 410-236-3445 or email at 


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